PIANETA VERDE was born in 1990,

Is a leading company in the telephony industry.

Over the years the company has distinguished itself for the quality of services, customer satisfaction and value for money.

Our business is aimed at all customers who want to save, by purchasing products at highly competitive prices.

We are specialized in the sale of mobile phones and fixed and mobile telephony services, offering the possibility to choose the best deal,

Ranging from the most convenient proposals of the various operators.

Each week we offer our customers different deals on the phone at competitive prices!

Our commitment is to meet any kind of need our customers require in the field of telephony by offering rates and appliances that are best suited to every type of person.

Many have chosen us by giving us confidence and appreciating our work.

Many of you still do not know, test us and you will see that we will not disappoint you!

Particular thanks to all of our customers who have contributed to our growth and to all future customers who will want to choose us in the future!